Guidelines for Participants

Attendance at each session is required. Please remember that in your application you indicated that you would be willing and able to participate in the first year’s session once a month. If in an emergency you are unable to attend one of the sessions, you must notify Dustin McSparin, the Program Assistant, as soon as possible. Dustin’s office hours are Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.. His office number is 722-5048. If you need to reach Dustin on Saturday, please call his cell phone at­­­­ 979-1477.

In order to keep expenses to a minimum, there will be no refreshments provided at the sessions including no lunch. If you would like coffee, soft drinks, water or snacks throughout the day, please feel free to bring your own. You are encouraged to bring a ‘brown bag’ lunch or visit a local restaurant during your break. One hour will be provided for lunch.

Social Media
You will need to have access to a computer for the Into My Vineyard program. Most of the required resources will be posted on the Into My Vineyard webpage ( You will also need to establish your own Facebook page. We will be utilizing this media for some of our sessions. Any questions, please contact the Program Assistant.

Parishes are responsible for fees associated with Into My Vineyard. There is no personal cost for those participating in the program.

Each session will be divided into three components – Worship, Faith Formation and Outreach. Presenters will assign ‘homework’ to be completed prior to each session. The expectation is that each participant complete all assigned tasks so that they can fully participate in the dialogue at the sessions.

pdf Click here (455 KB)  for a printable version of the Guidelines - Adobe Format 



Mrs. Sue A. Huett, Director

Department of Pastoral Services
Diocesan Pastoral Center
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