ORDAINED: Deacon Gary Mueller stands with Bishop Edward K. Braxton and Msgr. William Hitpas after his ordination Feb. 26 at St. Nicholas in O’Fallon, his home parish. Click here for the story and more photos.

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fund for ministry grans makes communion visits easier

Every weekend parishioners gather at the Lord’s table at their parishes to receive the Body of Christ.

While this is the way many receive Communion, a good number of people — and the number seems to be growing — are no longer able to leave their homes to attend parish liturgies as they once did.

They rely on clergy and other volunteers to bring them the Eucharist.

feeding god's people at holy childhood in mascoutah

Olivia made friends with the Messenger a couple of years ago.

“Every day I read parts of it; I let myself have 30 minutes every day just to read a section so that next week when it comes, I will be done with that and I can start over. My favorite part is what the kids talk about.”

take a look back to Jan. 29, 1937 when the floods hit

10 Cities in Diocese Hit by Floods
10,000 Leave Cairo as Ohio Threatens 60-Foot Seawall;  Shawneetown Evacuated, Levee Gives Away

Approximately ten cities in the Diocese of Belleville have been seriously affected by the unprecedented rise of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. The flood, which has taken a tremendous toll in property and an unrecorded number of human lives, has caused heavy damages to churches, schools, church property and homes in the extreme southeastern and southern portions of the Diocese.

The flood area, which extends along the Ohio and Mississippi Valley is described by refugees as resembling wartime disaster. Homeless refugees are being transported to safety by government patrol boats as quickly as possible.  A shortage of food and clothing, and contamination of drinking water have added to the distress.  Epidemics of various diseases are expected to follow in the wake of the flood due to insufficient housing facilities and lack of medical supplies in the stricken areas.

diocesan finance statement for fiscal year 2015 - 2016

The Diocese of Belleville has completed the audit of its financial reports for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2016. We are presenting the summary reports that display the financial position and statement of activities for each Fund of the Diocese for the Fiscal Year. Supplemental discussions will explain the composition of each operating entity.


As a citizen of this country, as a Catholic Priest and Bishop, and as an African-American, I am deeply distressed by the recent violent eruptions of the racial divide in the United States. Last week, I served as the Catholic Chaplain during Week Three of the nine-week summer session at the historic Chautauqua Institution. Moral Leadership in Action was the week’s theme. There could not have been a more urgent topic considering the presidential election, young people slaughtered in an Orlando club, People of Color killed in encounters with law enforcement, and the assassination of police officers by deranged gunmen.

As the Republicans and Democrats hold their conventions to nominate their candidates for the office of President, the American people are reaching the point when they must decide for whom they will cast their ballots in November. They surely want moral leadership in action. But, for many, this is a very difficult decision, since neither candidate enjoys enormous popularity with the electorate.

Bishop Braxton writes letter on racial divide in the united states for world day of peace

Bishop Edward K. Braxton has written a pastoral letter on the Racial Divide in the United States for the World Day of Peace in 2015. The letter includes a study guide for participants.

It also gives an outline of suggested sharing among participants. “This study-guide should be seen as a flexible resource that can be adapted for use by large or small groups. While the guide is arranged for the participation of members of a group, it can also be used by two people or by an individual. It is for all who, with Christian faith, would like to examine the complex racial divide in our country that is documented in each day’s headlines and the personal experiences of many people,” Bishop Braxton says in the guide.
Please click on this link for a copy of the pastoral letter with the study guide.

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